thumb|300px|right|If you ar having trouble kickflipping try this helpful video.The Kickflip is one of many fliptricks. There are 3 version of a Kickflip, there is a regular Kickflip that flips once, a Double Kickflip thats flips twice and the most challenging of all. The Triple Kickflip. You can continue after this to a quad kickflip and many more but will be much more challenging and frustrating

To do a Kickflip, place your fingers the same way you would with an ollie.Correct placement would be, index finger in the middle and middle finger directly on the tail. *NOTE* You will need to know how to ollie to do this.

Now pop the board like you would when you ollie.

Now drag your finger up the board but don't stop keep dragging it and flick it off the edge.

As you see the board flip once, place your finger on the board and land it. *NOTE* Do not slam it down too hard, you may break the axles. ( If you want to continue to a Double Kickflip, Triple Kickflip or Quad Kickflip land it when you see the board flip twice, thrice or 4 times and land it.

If kickflipping of a quarter perform a motion like a pop shove it while in the air to cause it to flip.