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The Tool is required to customise your Tech Deck, therefore is a very important item. There are two parts to the tool, one bit is a Philips head screw driver (for the screws that the hold the trucks in place) and the other a 'sort of spanner' for adjusting the tightness of the trucks, or removing the wheels. Over the years the tool has changed quite a bit, its first iteration was a black cylinder with a handle, possibly trying to mimic an electric screwdriver. The second version of the tool was similar to the first except yellow and with no handle, this version of the tool is the most common and is still produced today even though there is a newer tool available, just showing how iconic this tool is. The newest tool is in the shape of a 'T' (commonly called the 'T' tool) It closely resembles the conventional skate tool. It comes in blue and red (red only comes with ultra rares) 

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